Sync up the subtitles on your foreign films and shows


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Have you ever had the experience of trying to watch an undubbed foreign film but the subtitles were out of sync with the audio track?

Sears is a straightforward utility that will resolve this little issue for you, giving you the ability to edit the subtitle file (whether it be in SRT, SSA, or SUB format) and thus avoid synchronization problems whenever there is some sort of delay between the audio and the text.

In addition, this practical tool includes a feature to divide a subtitle into two parts or merge two together, delete accent marks to get rid of lost characters, or remove stray bits of HTML from the subtitle code.

Developed as a simple and direct application, thanks to Sears you’ll be able to ensure the subtitles match the dialogue on any video you’re watching.

The program requires you to have the Java package installed; if you don’t already, click here.

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